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History Of The New Leipzig School


Public education in New Leipzig began in the fall of 1910, with school being held in different locations around town. Throughout the years of this school district, many milestones & memories have taken place.

Officially, the first schoolhouse was a wooden two-story structure built in 1912. Unfortunately, due to a faulty chimney, fire destroyed the structure, which served as a school for only two years. The district was again without a school, & classes had to be held in different locations around town.

By 1915, another milestone was reached—a modern brick & fire-proof building was erected with three departments added—primary, grammar, & a two-year high school. The first New Leipzig Public grammar school graduation took place in 1916. 1918 brought big policy change in consolidation with the Weller School District.

In 1922, another milestone of the New Leipzig School took place—a four-year high school program was added. Two years later, Lillian Behrenfeld, Alma Flaig, Herbert Hertz, Victor Provolt, Kathryn Haisch, & Bernice Mack became the school's first graduating class.

The next milestone for the New Leipzig Public School came as an addition on the east side of the brick school, which included an auditorium, classrooms, & a gymnasium. In 1957, another milestone brought a $100,000 building project to the New Leipzig Public School, including a new gymnasium.

The milestones continued throughout the next few years. 1958 brought the annexation of Delabarre and Lorin Districts. In a special election the next year, all of Leipzig District and parts of Selma and Fleak districts were added, together encompassing the Weller School District.

The next milestone came in 1961, when a new high school addition and new classes became part of a new well-rounded curriculum for New Leipzig School graduates.

With milestones come changes in our lives, including those we enjoy, but also those we do not want to accept. Be that as it may, changes inevitably come before our eyes. Changes in the New Leipzig Public School have been many throughout its eighty-year history.

Starting in 1994–95, many high school classes were taught by bussing students back & forth for classes in New Leipzig & Elgin. 1995 also brought the first combined New Leipzig/Elgin graduating class in a ceremony at Elgin. In 1997, New Leipzig's grades K–1 were in co-op with Elgin's - grade 2 followed in 1997, & grades 3 & 4 combined in 1998. Over the next six years, the New Leipzig Public School facility was used as a combined New Leipzig/Elgin Jr. High.

The New Leipzig Public School officially closed its doors to education in the fall of 2004. Today, students in & around New Leipzig attend school in the towns of Elgin or Carson in a new educational set-up in Grant County - lower elementary & senior high students are schooled in Elgin, while grades 5–8 are educated in Carson. Students graduate from the Grant County School system in Elgin.

Memories & milestones of the New Leipzig Public School are many. Fond memories of the many school activities, such as choir, band, sports, drama, speech, & graduation, will remain with each & every student who ever walked through the doors of school, be it for all twelve years or even a shorter time.

Education has always been a very important part of a person's life. One just needs to look at what education has done to bring him or her where it has today. New Leipzig is proud of all the accomplishments that New Leipzig students have made for themselves & the community.