Bentley Founder's Great Granddaughter Visits


Virginia Barry Takes A Photo Inside The Bentley Town Hall Where The Town's Founder Arthur A. Bentley (Her Great Grandfather) May Have Conducted Town Business 


Arthur A. Bentley - 1898 


Virginia Barry & Her Dog "Tank" Visit New Leipzig 

Recently our area was honored by a visit from the Great Granddaughter of the town of Bentley, ND founder, Arthur A. Bentley.

Virginia Barry of Beaverton, OR, was visiting family in Minnesota when she contacted our webmaster who arranged a tour of New Leipzig and Bentley. This was her first visit to the area & the town of Bentley.

Virginia, the daughter of Hartley Barry & Dorismae (Hemstock) Barry, was born & raised in Rochester, MN. She attended Iowa State University, Sheridan, WY College, & is a graduate of Montana State University with a degree in graphic design.

Her Grandmother, Idamae (Bentley) Hemstock (1903-1980) & her Aunt, Hazel Bentley (1900-1918) were the two daughter's of her Great Grandparents (Arthur & Mary Bentley - Founders of the town of Bentley, ND).

Currently Virginia works for the Nike Corporation headquartered in Beaverton, OR & commutes between her home there and her other home in Bozeman, MT.

She has contributed many photographs & documents from her personal collection that are now featured on the new Bentley, ND website at, which is still under development.

She said it was an exciting moment when she stepped into the town her Great Grandfather founded in 1910 but was also sad as it had deteriorated so much and that the township is now listed as a North Dakota 'Ghost Town'.

Along with our webmaster & her dog 'Tank' she looked into each of the few standing buildings, took some photos, looked through some old documents left behind in the town hall, & reflected on what the people that used to live here must have been like.

Upon leaving the town behind with her thoughts wandering about it she visited one of the few still standing and working cattle ranches of the Hoherz family (the webmaster's daughter Tammy & her husband David).

With a wave of her hand & a bark from 'Tank' she drove on to stay the night in Dickinson continuing her trip through Montana eventually arriving home in Oregon.

As I have written this article I am amazed at her calmness & awe in having been here to see where her ancestors had lived.