Chibi Rail Robot Assistant is 1st Of Its Kind In The World!

Chibi is rail robot assistant which is 36" high & runs on a ceiling mounted track system, which can automatically greet visitors & lead them through a large area while talking & gesturing towards the surrounding items of interest.

Its speech can be Bilingual. One of the advantages of this robot is that it does not take up floor space, or encumber & impede the travel of visitors.

Instead it uses ceiling space to safely traverse its run, out of reach of the general public. The Chibi Rail Robot Assistant is the first of it’s kind in the world.

It is a unique interactive robotic device that can be used in any environment that requires a host, tour guide or lecturer; like museums, centers, institutions, laboratories, factories & visitor centers.

The complete design, prototype development & all aspects of fabrication were done at MRISAR’s facilities in New Leipzig, ND.

MRISAR Institute Of Science, Art & Robotics LLC
PO Box 252
21 Tiger Trail Avenue
New Leipzig, ND 58562